About the Artist

My Grandfather had a television repair shop and would discard parts that were no longer useful to him. I can remember as a young boy of eight years I was introduced to copper wire. I found it entertaining unwinding the wire from his discarded parts. I fondly remember the innocence of sitting barefoot in the shade of front porch of his workshop molding and forming this wire into various shapes. Cars, animals, trees, and yes, even a ring or two for that little girl with the freckles and pigtails that sat in front of me in 4th grade. Then, as well as now, I endeavor to create fine handcrafted pieces that customers enjoy and wear with pride. I come in contact with many people that have never been introduced to finely crafted wire jewelry. Many of these people become valued clients and friends of mine who find joy in adorning a handcrafted keepsake that can become their “signature piece” or even a family heirloom. I enjoy the challenge when people bring me gemstones from their travels, daddy’s military buttons, grandpa’s coins he collected, grandma’s button from her favorite dress. I use these sentimental items and incorporate them into rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings, and even bridal tiaras. I also enjoy using natural materials such as gemstones, fossils, pearls and cabochons in making distinctive and unique pieces. I find inspiration in the opportunity of taking something as indescript as a spool of gold or silver wire, using primitive tools of pliers and wire clippers, and creating a work of art that is appealing, attractive and appreciated for many years to come.
I'm always in the search for different and new designs and patterns to design. Creativity keeps the mind sharp and the hobby interesting.

From wirewrapping to silversmithing, to stain glass artistry to glass blowing, to woodworking and whittling, I am at this point in my career learning the fine art of wirewrapping and weaving.